“No,” said Rabbi Levy firmly. “I’m afraid I can’t convert you to Judaism.”

“Very good,” said Vision. He bowed his head formally and rose to his feet. “I shall continue my quest elsewhere, then.”

The dust in the parking lot was still swirling with the force of his takeoff when Rabbi Levy remembered to say the blessing on seeing a superhero.


“I do not understand. This … rabbi lied to me? I understood that lying was not permitted in the Jewish religion.”

“It’s not a lie,” Wanda answered.

“But you have just told me that what he said was false. He will indeed teach me if I return.”

“Look, it’s like –“ Wanda groped for words. “It’s like a test. He has to send you away to see if you come back. He’s only allowed to say yes on the third visit.”

“I see,” said Vision thoughtfully.


“I am here for my obligatory second visit. I do not wish to waste your time. Please send me away so that I may return.”

Rabbi Levy opened his mouth, closed his mouth, opened his mouth again.

“One question, if I may. How long must I stay away for it to count as a separate visit?”

Rabbi Levy stopped gaping and smiled. “How about you just step outside the door and come back in? And Mr. Vision? I think you’ll do just fine.”


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