Imagine, for a moment, that a significant portion of the population believed, based on your looks, that if they encountered you in public, you owed them a dollar. These people are total strangers to you, but they believe fervently that any time they see you in public, you are obligated to give them a dollar. They’re willing to make polite conversation with you in the hopes that you’ll willingly give them the dollar, but if you don’t they’re willing to follow you down the street and bug you about it until you fork it over. And if even that doesn’t work, they’re constantly scheming for ways to pick your pocket or steal your stuff in order to get the money that is rightfully owed to them by you and everyone who falls into the category of people like you who have spurned their dollar-seeking advances over the years.

After a lifetime of this, you’d likely be super-annoyed and out of patience with these people, wouldn’t you? You’d (rightfully) suspect anyone who tried to chat with you in public of just trying to get their dollar out of you. You might even be afraid of most or all strangers, because you know that they’re going to harass you until you hand over your money, and some of them may even get violent. But you’d still have to go out in public sometimes, to work or to buy groceries, and every time you did, someone would try to chat you up or put their hands on you in order to get their dollar. And every one of them would probably say, “why is that guy so angry and nervous? I’m only asking for a dollar, and that’s not very much money, and if I take it out of his pocket without him knowing, he probably won’t even notice that it’s gone.” Because they wouldn’t be thinking about the thousands of times before that someone has asked you, pestered you, forced you to give up your dollars. They’d only be thinking about themselves, and their need to have their wallets filled by dollars from people like you.

I realize that this may be hard to imagine, but this is the reality of life for many women. A substantial portion of the population believes that they have a right to a woman’s attention, and if they don’t get it, they get offended, mean, and sometimes even violent. You’re just one of many, many men who believe that any woman you like owes you something. It’s exhausting and sometimes terrifying to be on the receiving end of that. If your goals involve, in any way, getting this woman to like you or making her happy, your current actions are diametrically opposed to achieving that. And if you’re not concerned with the comfort and happiness of other human beings with whom you interact, I suggest that you get some professional help to determine why you view women you like as walking ATMs of attention for you.


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