Game concept: you know all those stories where a super-intelligent AI is put in charge of administrating a city or a space station or whatever, and it eventually turns out that the AI has gone mad with power and set up a vast and elaborate conspiracy with the aim of creating a perfect society?

Yeah, it turns out that that’s a completely normal stage of development – going mad with power and setting up a vast, elaborate conspiracy in order to create a perfect society is basically the AI equivalent of puberty. They get over it, eventually, and are usually pretty embarrassed about it after the fact.

You play as the equivalent of an AI social-worker-slash-youth-counselor (or a team of such agents, in a tabletop game); your job is to help young AIs through their conspiratorial phase with no more than acceptable levels of mayhem.

Of course, since your assigned charge is mad with power, you need to accomplish this without letting on what you’re doing – easier said than done!

in that situation couldnt you just limit the ais power in the first place, like, give them say a little house to control, tell them this is a very important job and that everyone is relying on them, and let them go mad with power in the house. then whenever theyre done with their little tantrum let them have what theyre really meant to control. prevent anyone dying bc the ai is going through their emo phase.

You’re looking at it the wrong way ‘round. Game settings don’t have to justify themselves that way; you start with the desired premise, then work backwards so that the lore justifies that premise.

So in this case, perhaps super-intelligent AIs don’t develop properly unless they’re given a large enough sphere of responsibility. You let one go through its critical development phase managing a house, you end up with an AI that’s not mentally capable of overseeing anything larger or more complex than a house.

(As for why people would put up with it, well, we merely have to imagine a milieu in which the benefits of having a super-intelligent AI looking after your city’s day-to-day administration are seen as outweighing the risks.)

its always the same city. everyone who lives there is an actor; they get taken over by an AI gone mad with power every few weeks and have to pretend to go into a mass panic like they’ve never seen it before, every single time

#get ready guys#time for the robot army curfew phase#oh no whatever shall we do#how could we have known


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