Nothing to see here, just a street corner in New Orleans…..

This is The Violin Monster and he’s really cool. You should all look him up on Facebook. He’s the most talented violinist I have ever met, and he’s super sweet and friendly. He also teaches violin to kids. His back story is he’s a 400+ year old werewolf from Galway, Ireland who plays violin to quell his hunger for human flesh. I forget the details of how he became a werewolf, but I think it had something to do with a deal he made with a witch.

Story time: so one day I actually had spending money, so for funsies I kept putting money in his jack-o-lantern (that’s what his tip bucket is) requesting Scotch-Irish folk songs, and he didn’t just play every song he PLAYED them like he was in a music battle with the Faery King. I was quite impressed. Later, I ran into him, mask-off, at Café Envie and I told him “That was really cool, but you still didn’t play my favorite song ‘The King of the Faeries,’ do you not know it?” and Violin Monster looked around and over his shoulder, and then leaned over me and said in a hushed tone: “Oh I know it, but it’s bad luck to play that song. They say if you play it three times the Faery King himself will appear. So I don’t play that song anymore.” And then he smiled and walked away.

I don’t think Zach is just one of those performers who never breaks character, I think he’s actually summoned faeries by accident with his amazing music.


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