This Blog Posts:

  • NSFW, and several other letters.
  • Untagged Gore, and other former vice presidents.
  • Hardcore Pornography of fish, slugs and rotifera.
  • Graphic Nudity of invisible people.
  • Hate Speech against all forms of parasitic foot infections and fungus.
  • Profanity and Vulgarity, including the ð-word.
  • Spoilers, including clotting agents and mold.

Please Do Not Follow If:

  • You are Anti-Vacs. Vacuums are just as legitimate as brooms and mops.
  • You think Races aren’t real. There are many, including the Tour de France.
  • You are Pro-Life. All life is evil and should be exterminated.
  • You are Pro-Choice. USDA Choice is inferior to USDA Prime.
  • You don’t believe in God, and furthermore that I am God.
  • You are offended by offensive things that offend you.

I Tag:

  • People who are not yet “It.”
  • Yak ears and other livestock parts.
  • Days in German.
  • Pillows, and those tags can’t be removed except by the consumer.
  • Items for sale.

Only Follow If:

  • You are over 81.
  • You are human, humanoid, or neither.
  • You remember what this is:
  • You are the 1%. Not a rich person, you must be an actual percentage.
  • You support. I don’t care what but you must be load-bearing.


  • Caterpillars

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