• zeus is kind of a man-whore
  • why do the greeks love dicks so much? why are there so many dicks??
  • i kinda want to punch ovid in the crotch, not gonna lie
  • achilles is such a manchild. *mocking voice* wah wah wah agamemnon took my girlfriend im gonna go cry in my tent
  • the romans had a god of dicks?? what the fuck????
  • so if all these people zeus had sex with did it when he was an animal does that make him a furry
  • maybe if odysseus weren’t such a slut he’d have made it home in faster than 10 years. just sayin
  • when you think about it, catullus is basically roman taylor swift
  • you know those persians, with their pants and their perfumed hair. absolutely barbaric
  • pompeii? like the song?
  • why did any of the other greeks ever listen to athens they’re just a bunch of assholes
  • maybe the reason the greeks always made the penises so small on their statues was so that they would feel better about themselves
  • why the hell did i decide to take greek
  • no seriously i hate this why am i in this class
  • this language makes no sense im gonna cry
  • vergil just called this character ‘flaming’ like 5 times i can’t deal
  • i mean, the greeks were right. you know us ladies. we just wanna be filled on both ends
  • this shit is so gay

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