I know what “lmao” stands for, but it never evokes the sense of laughter when I see it. It feels more like it should be… I don’t know, the name of a species of very minor Goetic demon, or something. One with a really easy summoning ritual, so you’re always running into stories like some dorky high school kid conjured a Lmao and it possessed her cat and whatnot.

Roflmao, a Demonic President of 13 legions, makes memes go viral and presides over the proliferation of ARGs.  He can give his summoners the ability to be constantly reblogged. 

He appears in the form of a cat with a cheeseburger on his head.

He offers his lesser servants, the lmaos, to favored sorcerers as familiar servants and possibly just to get them out from underfoot. 

Tl’dr, an archduke who commmandeth 72 legions and hath the ability to reduce convoluted or overly long posts into concise and occasionally passive-aggressive statements.

He appeareth as a deer, blue-green in colour, covered in a multitude of words and to look too long upon him is to become bored and/or overwhelmed


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