Post-ME3 when Shepard is going through physical therapy Joker is often hanging around to offer encouragement.  Initially it’s because, hey, if anyone knows the feeling of breaking your entire body and needing to keep walking despite it, it’s Jeff “Glass Bones” Moreau.  At Shepard’s mounting frustration with her body not doing what she wants, with the pain, with the sheer amount of effort it takes when all she wants to do was rest, Joker’s “encouragement” eventually falls more down the path of teasing and prodding at Shepard’s pride and competitive streak.  Sure, Shepard’s LI might be there to hold her hand and offer gentle words to try to get her to keep up with her exercises, but Joker can point out that right now even he could beat Shepard at a foot race – and literally proceeding to race Shepard.

The physical therapists aren’t sure whether to celebrate this as it seems to be getting the Commander moving and is improving her mood, or be absolutely horrified because these aren’t exactly health ministry approved methods.

Joker sneaks an entire bar’s worth of drinks into the hospital so they can throw a party in celebration the day Shepard manages to beat him again.


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